Truck Accident Attorney in Garland, TX

A truck accident, whether minor or major, can cause significant physical, emotional, and financial problems. Choosing the right truck accident attorney to represent you or your loved one is crucial. This is important because insurance investigations often do not favor the injured party. Allow the experienced and knowledgeable truck accident attorney in Garland, TX, at Williams & Thorson, LLP to provide zealous representation when you have been in an accident.

Why You Need a Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

Collecting damages from the party at-fault is complicated and emotionally taxing. This is especially true when you must deal with insurance companies. Unfortunately, the insurance company does not have your best interests at heart. Instead, they seek to pay out as little money as possible. Our semi-truck accident attorney has experience in navigating these types of claims. We can help you in all of the following ways:

Truck in Garland, TX
  • Find the Right Doctors, Surgeons, or Rehab Facilities
  • Recover Lost Wages from Missed Work or a Lost Job
  • Deal with Insurance Adjustors & Other Attorneys
  • Speak with Investigators & Bill Collectors
  • Help You Find a Rental Car If Necessary
  • Negotiate Your Settlement & Compensation
  • Review Camera Footage & Police Reports
  • Interview Witnesses
  • Analyze & Review Medical Records
  • Be Your Advocate from Start to Finish

Knowledgeable Truck Accident Lawyer

Each year, thousands of truck drivers are injured due to a trucking accident. Since a fully loaded semi-truck can weigh about 80,000 pounds, an accident can have serious or deadly consequences. Our knowledgeable truck accident lawyer holds the offending party responsible for their actions. Whether you believe the accident was or wasn't your fault, you need to speak with our semi-truck accident lawyer to determine the best course of action. No matter what caused your trucking accident, we are on your side.

How Our 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney Can Help

Whether you have legal expertise or not, it is difficult to defend yourself when you've been injured in a crash. You'll have to file a claim, collect evidence of a crash, and deal with insurance companies and other officials. Allow our 18-wheeler accident lawyer to provide competent and results-oriented legal services that give you peace of mind. For more than 19 years, we have successfully received compensation and favorable results for our clients.

Contact us for professional and competent legal services if you've been in a trucking accident. We proudly serve clients throughout Garland, Mesquite, Rockwall, Richardson, and Balch Springs, as well as the DFW Metroplex.